Custom Engraved Stone

We are very pleased with our new engraving capabilities. We have a full stencil and sandblasting setup for large scale engraving projects like you see on these branded coasters.
We also have a laser engraver for more detailed work. We are eager to expand our portfolio, so we would be more happy than ever to work with you on your ideas. Expect a quote that you’ll find very competitive for custom work.
Matched set of four coasters start at $35 + s/h with volume discounts available. Call us on our toll free number 877.865.9211 or send us your logo at [email protected]

(Vector format files result in the best quality … ask your designer or give us a call)

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12″x8″x3″ and 7″ cube sculpture bases

Hollow core absolute black granite bases from 3/4″ stone. Supports up to 250 lbs. From $

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2″ x 2″ Granite Cube

Granite base in a perfect 2″ cube shape. Solid black granite with slightly eased edges. Quarter inch hole bisecting hidden planes centered and countersunk for easy mounting.

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10″x5″ Granite Sculpture Base

Custom granite sculpture base in 3/4 inch absolute black stone measuring approximately 10″ by 5″. Made from a paper template to match the footprint of an existing piece.


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3″x2″ Black Granite Pyramid Base

We designed these to order for a customer who needed bases for a set of statues. The gently sloped sides of the pyramid are cut to their exact specifications. The bases are made from solid absolute black granite with highly polished faces and slightly eased edges.

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2″ Diameter Round Marble Base

A marble base in a disc shape made from solid midnight black stone. Note the gray veins. The engraving process when applied to black marble leaves white etching making this material highly desirable for use in trophies and plaques.

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4″ Square Gavel Bases

Another matched set of bases, this time for use with ceremonial  gavels.  Four inch square polished white carrara marble with beveled edges.

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6″ Diameter Round Granite Bases

We made a set of these in absolute black granite for an art gallery in Las Vegas.  Six inches across by 3/4 of an inch thick,  honed surface and an eased edge.  Each base features rubber feet for additional stability.

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